SO I'm enjoying Mass Effect week, but I was sitting around today wondering which other weeks people here would like them to do. Here's what I have:


Assassin's Creed:

  • Popular franchise with large number of games
  • Consistently high quality (above 8 on metacritic)
  • Incredible locations/highly detailed cities which are great to talk about/post screenshots of- and look at concept art for.
  • Interesting characters (the silence of Altair compared to the flamboyance of Ezio or the grim determination of Connor)
  • Nice series 'development'. Started just being about assassinations, moved onto much much more as people got bored. Modern timeline started mysteriously, turned into weird science fiction stuff.
  • Kept up with the changing industry. First game developed over many years at one studio, the rest developed with thousands (?) of developers to release every year.
  • Lots of cool places to go in the future. ('where I'd like to see AC go next' type articles).

Do you have ideas for game 'weeks' at Kotaku? well SpeakUp!


(PLEASE someone promote this to tay)